Visibile Invisibility Wants YOU!

I Need You!

This blog is interactive; a blank canvas to paint a picture of ME/CFS in the real world, unedited by journalists and TV editors.  So I welcome all contributions on issues you feel are important to the promotion of ME/CFS awareness or to the creation of a shared resource for others.

I’m looking for one-off articles on particular issues close to your heart, stories of experiences you have had, serialised ‘life stories’, particular symptoms you have, stories of recoveries, treatments you’ve tried, articles about you from magazines/newspapers, memorable posts you’ve made on your own blog, awareness videos you’ve made and anything else you can think of.

Even if you are unable to write a long (or short!) article your input is still hugely important.  Please join the fora at and get involved – I’ve set up discussions on particular subjects for you to contribute to but also feel free to set up your own discussions and suggest ideas for where we can take this.  It’s your resource, it’s your voice.

Please email any submissions to


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