Review: MigraLens Migraine Glasses


I’ve suffered with migraines ever since I was five, a side effect from having had viral meningitis. For many years I received no help or pain relief, and made do with cocktails of OTC drugs and overmedication to get me through.

As the years went by, it began to emerge that I have several conditions that can all cause severe light sensitivity, aka photophobia: ME, Keratoglobus (a degenerative conditions of the cornea) and even Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It’s not surprising that my migraines increased in frequency when dealing with that and working with computers!

So, when my Mum noticed a small article in the Daily Mail’s You magazine she immediately thought of me.

New research has indicated that the blue and red parts of the visible light spectrum are the cause of photosensitivity, and with 40% of migraineurs finding that light can trigger an attack that’s really something that shouldn’t be ignored.

There are many different kinds of light which can cause photophobia: sunlight or natural light, glare, flickering lights, fluorescent lights, TFT monitors and tv screens, the list goes on. Personally, natural light is my biggest problem, but I’m rarely comfortable during daylight hours anyway. I think that explains my tendency towards being a night owl.

MigraLens have a lens filter which absorbs both red and blue light, as well as being 100% UVA & UVB absorbing, instantly making them far better than many so-called sunglasses available on the high street.


At £45 for a pair of glasses to fit over my high-index prescription glasses, I felt they were not too dear to give them a try. I used the easy online ordering system and they were with me within 2 days. Upon trying them on, I knew within a few short minutes that this was easily the best £45 I have ever spent. The constant ache I always had behind my eyes dissipated, and my temple throbbed less than usual. A small pilot study by the migraine charity, Migraine Action, found that 70-90% of participants found MigraLens glasses effective in sunlight and reflected glare, and in fluorescent and halogen lighting. 91% rated them as better than other tinted lenses they had tried for migraine. 87% of participants expressed their intention to continue wearing MigraLens glasses after the study concluded.

I’ve now been wearing them daily for 2 months and whilst I have had migraines in that time, their frequency and severity has lessened considerably. Any time my eyes feel tired, sore, aching or I get that sharp pain in them when the light doesn’t agree with me, on they go and I can continue with my life. Having had eye problems and photophobia for many years now, I am not embarrassed to be seen in shops or on cloudy days wearing sunglasses, so I’ve put my MigraLens glasses on at work, in meetings, training sessions, doing my weekly shop, or even just around the house. They help me so much. And when I don’t need them, I just slide them to the top of my head, ready for the next time I need to put them on, which can be several times a day. The great thing is, they look so good people don’t realise they’re helping me, I’ve been told I look like a celebrity with them on!

And in all this, I’ve not worn my prescription sunglasses once, which is great, because I needed to update my prescription, and at nearly £500 a time for my high-index glasses, that’s a huge saving made. Especially as at less than a tenth of the cost, my MigraLens glasses have helped me more than any sunglasses ever have.

I’ve not been asked to write this review. I honestly believe in this product for the relief it has brought me, so much so that I have written this to try and spread that relief to all my fellow photophobics. If you decide to try MigraLens glasses, I hope they bring you as much relief as they have for me.



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