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Music and Chronic Illness

Through the wonder that is social networking, two days ago I was introduced to the beautiful song “Her Diamonds” by Rob Thomas – a poignant piece inspired by his own wife’s battle with a chronic illness similar to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).  And yes, that is Alicia Silverstone in the video.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video here as embedding has been disabled by YouTube, but have a link!

Now, I readily admit, I do use music to deal with my emotions and where I am in life.  There are always half a dozen or more songs which seem to capture any given moment in my life.  Even if there is no music playing I will invariably have a ‘soundtrack’ going on somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind.  But illness is such a taboo subject, so hard to face that it is rare to find music actually dealing with it. So I substitute – lines, verses, choruses, bridges, refrains, here and there, creating a crazy mash-up of melodies that gets me through.

How about you?  Do you do the same?  Are there particular songs that help you through?  I’d really like to hear what music (if any) helps you.

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